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Photo of the Week!

Check out our new photo of the week!   Client: Edelman Project: Shell Eco-Marathon Why do we like it? We like this picture for a number a reasons, including how the rain creates a reflection on the pavement, and the contrast between the BIG red bus in comparison to the little eco-cars. The interesting story it tells about the eco-cars driving as far as

#Poppygate scandal – when is photoshop appropriate?

Every photograph we encounter these days, whether on the side of a bus, in our local newspaper or on a computer screen has been retouched or manipulated digitally in some way, most likely using Photoshop. This is not a new phenomenon, in fact image manipulation followed very swiftly after the invention of photography in 1839.  People wondered how a medium

Spooky cocktails for this year’s Halloween Party

Those spooky souls at TNR have saved you that last minute panic on what to serve your friends this Halloween.  No more gruesome stress, follow these ‘How To’ videos for easy steps to freakishly good cocktails. Do you know how to make a zombie brain shot??? Look no further… In this spooky video check out how to make your very own

Is TalkTalk the new BP?

Every so often I’ll hear or see an interview that’s memorable for all the wrong reasons.  Over the weekend, it was the TalkTalk Chief Executive, Dido Harding, who caught my attention.  She was on Saturday PM on BBC Radio 4 to talk about the company’s response to a cyber attack, that saw customers’ financial information, including bank account and sort