Mars chocolate bar recall – how to limit reputational damage

Mars is facing one of its worst case scenarios – a contaminated product which may harm customers.  The company issued a worldwide recall of Mars, Snickers and Milky Way bars, after a customer found a piece of plastic inside a Snickers.  Inevitably this is a big story for the media in terms of reach (everyone who loves chocolate), scale (worldwide)

Overcoming the Pain of the Portrait

After years of directing photo shoots, the phrase ‘no-one likes their picture taken’ is never truer than trying to co-ordinate your own team’s photos. The initial problem of actually getting everyone in the office for a tight schedule, three hour shoot, on the same day, when we are either shooting, training or working with our clients, required a firm hand and some calendar juggling

Charities Under Media Scrutiny – Crisis Top Tips

Enduring media scrutiny when something goes wrong is pretty high on the list of worst nightmares for any organisation.  How much worse, then, when you’re a charity – an organisation expressly set up to help people, to do good, to effortlessly occupy the moral high ground?  Right now, two of the UK’s best known charities, Age UK and Help for