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Photo of the Week!

  Check out our new photo of the week! Client: Surname and Surname Project: Disney Junior Christmas Tree Why do we like it? We chose this photo as our ‘Photo of the Week’, firstly because we are fast approaching Christmas and wanted to get into that festive mood! Another great aspect of the photo is the angle, it has managed to capture the entire,

Photo of the Week!

Check out our new photo of the week!   Client: Edelman Project: Shell Eco-Marathon Why do we like it? We like this picture for a number a reasons, including how the rain creates a reflection on the pavement, and the contrast between the BIG red bus in comparison to the little eco-cars. The interesting story it tells about the eco-cars driving as far as

Photo of the week

Check out our new photo of the week !   Client: Emanate PR Project: Assassins Creed Syndicate Why do we like it? This fun and engaging image references the historical adventure game Assassins Creed Syndicate, which hit the UK gaming market this week and stormed to the top of the sales charts. The movement, symmetry and styled vintage look of this