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Become a PR Photography JEDI, science fiction over the fact!  

(Blog written by Craig Gunn, Head of Photography at TNR, Press Association. You can follow Craig on LinkedIn for more insightful posts here! )  Whether we like it or not, for the next several years in the run-up to Christmas, the world will be engulfed with Star Wars mania after this week’s release of the latest instalment – The Last

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – how to enjoy it spoiler free!

It’s been ten years since the last Star Wars blockbuster movie or thirty-two years if you don’t count the prequels (as most fans of the original don’t). There’s been animations, merchandise, computer games, comic books, fan-made re-edits and outlandish theories about the galaxy far far away. Excitement is rife with Star Wars fans; however there is also the dreaded feeling